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version 1.1.0

Major changes in the second release 1.1.0 include:

  • support added to create datacubes with any SAR product (as long as rasterio I/O supported) with (no to) limited cube configuration

  • time coordinates added to xr.Dataset of labels datacube

  • datacube can be created by providing labels for subset of stack; previously for each raster, a label had to be specified

  • changes related to documentation include :

    • notebooks overview details added
    • GRD and SLC notebooks merged into a single SARDatacube notebook
    • Ex3-CreatingDatacube added with details on CreatingDatacubes and CubeConfiguration

version 1.0.0

This is the first public release of the github repository that includes

  • creating datacubes with ICEYE L1 products (GRD/SLC)

  • creating datacubes with labels (raster/vector)

  • configuring datacubes using a JSON file for time, incidence angle and temporal resolution

  • dask support to create massive datacubes

  • extensive mkdocs documentation to get you easily started with the repository