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We accept Pull Requests!

To contribute, clone the repository and follow the instructions on the Installation page.

Pre-commit hooks

When creating a new branch, if you have used inv setup then pre-commit hooks should be enabled. These check for formatting (black & autoflake) when using git push.

While it is possible to force push, it is recommended to pass all of them to push. In any case, a basic CI pipeline is in place for any push, which prevents a PR from merging if it fails.


Tests are not run at push, but they run in a CI pipeline. So, you can handle the tests the way you want to, but the tests must pass for your PR to be considered for approval :-)

It's a good habit to run them during the development process. The recommended way to run tests though is :

inv test

Makefile options and tools offers many handy tools, such as the following:

  • inv -l: Lists all the available inv options.
  • inv test: Runs automated tests without the pre-commit hooks. This is handy to run tests without pushing code.
  • inv fmt: Formats the source code, including tests using autoflake, black, and trim trailing whitespace.